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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Best Commodity To Trade On MCX- Gold : Reason, Profit, Price

If you were a commodity, what would you wish to be- gold, silver, copper...? Yes you wished it correct. You wished to be Gold. It has several strong reasons why it is said so. Let us understand the reason behind its growth. Why it is said to be the most profitable commodity not only for traders but also for common people and Why its price is increasing rapidly day by day despite of few falls.
In the beginning of the year 2012 gold price were at US dollars 1,530 per ounce. In year 2011 the price of gold had increased by more than 12% despite the two dips in September and November/ December. This made 2011 the tenth consecutive year in which the gold price increased. By November 28, 2012, amid high volatilty, the gold price has further increased to roughly US dollars 1,713, i.e. by more than 12% from the beginning of 2012.
Changes in Gold Price
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As the price of any commodity the price of Gold is also driven by the basic laws of supply and demand. The demand for gold includes four sectors: Central Banks in the official sector, second is jewellery, third is industrial and dental sectors includes technology, and finally private investment. As for jewellery demand, high prices and potentially low or volatile growth will likely dampen demand for gold for industrial uses in 2013. Besides jewellery, the demand from the investment sector accounts for more than 40% of total demand.

Refer To The Gold Tree Infographic Below
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