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Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Budget 2011-12 & Stock Market: An Overview

"Union Budget & Stock Market"
The Union Budget 2011-12 has been announced by Finance Minister today 28th Feb'11.Let us have a quick overview of Stock Market after announcement of the Budget.
The budget is positive for equity markets and for the bond markets.The one very positive announcement was that foreign nationals will be allowed to invest into equity mutual funds of India. This is a positive call for market.But this Budget is not a direction setter for stock market. 

In the beginning of the day, both benchmarks NSE - BSE showed positive movement.The BSE index Sensex and NSE index Nifty gained profit in the mid-morning today.

With the announcement of incentives for private investment in infrastructure Budget  boosted the stock market  with the Sensex rising by 585 points to 18276 and the Nifty going up by 162 points at 5465 in mid-morning.

The market closed an important day of trade in the green but on a disappointing note because it could not hold on to its earlier gains. Into closing, it leveled out after a huge intra-day rally post the Budget announcement. Sensex closed at 17832, up 131 points  and Nifty at 5334, up 30 points from the previous close.

Here is a list of Top Gainers and top losers of the day:-
Top Gainers (BSE):
  • ITC Ltd. 
  • TVS Motor Co. Ltd. 
  • P&G Hygiene & Health
  • Central Bank 
  • IDFC
Top Losers (BSE):
  • Glenmark Pharma 
  • BGR Energy Systems 
  • Sesa Goa
  • Jain Irrigation 
  • Thermax Limited
Top Gainers (NSE): 
  • ITC Ltd. 
  • IDFC 
  • Reliance Capital
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Maruti Suzuki India 
Top Losers (NSE):  
  • Sesa Goa
  • Ambuja Cements Ltd. 
  • Reliance Infrastructures 
  • Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. 
  • Jaiprakash Associates

NSE-BSE Waiting For Union Budget 2011

"NSE BSE & Budget"
Our Finance Minister is going do announce Union Budget 2011-12 at 11 AM. All including Stock Benchmarks NSE BSE, are waiting for the budget eagerly. The movement of stocks will depend on the offers given by Finance Minister. It is predicted  that the market will jump at least to 100 points today .
It is predicted that the coming budget may be the "Bundle of Surprises" for stock market which can turn the whole game. Only Union Budget is capable to change the direction of stock market and helps it in overcoming the present situation.
All the sectors of stock market expecting some good from Pranab Da. Here is a wish list presented by various sectors:-
Banking sector: Demands of Banking sector are-
  • The biggest demand of the banking sector is tax breaks on longer tenor deposits to help deposit growth. 
  • Bankers also expect the government to announce subsidies for no-frills or zero balance accounts.
  • The banking industry also wants overnment subsidy or concessions on interest rates.
  • Raising the limit of refinancing from IIFCL.
  • Recapitalisation of public sector units.
Information Technology: Demands of IT sector are-
  • It is mainly focused on tax breaks.
  • Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) scheme should be allowed for another one year till the implementation of the Direct Tax Code in 2012.
  • Reduction of Minimum Alternate Tax or MAT currently at 18 per cent.
Auto sector: Demands of Auto Sector are-
  • The auto component manufacturers have asked to set up Rs. 7,500 crore technology upgradation and development fund for the next five year period.
  • They want import duty on steel and aluminium alloys.
  • Lower corporate tax rates.
  • Lowering of the minimum alternate tax.
  • Speedy introduction of the GST.
Infrastructure:  Demands of Infrastructure Sector are-
  • To raise the limit for investment in tax saving infrastructure bonds from Rs.s 20,000 per annum currently.
Healthcare/Pharma: Demands of Healthcare/Pharma Sector are-
  • It seeks an extension of tax holiday for hospitals from five years to ten years owing to longer pay back periods and assistance in raising capital for setting up more healthcare infrastructure.
  • Its hope on the much needed infrastructure status. 
Real Estate: Demands of Real Estates are-

  • It seek an extension of the 1 per cent interest subsidy to borrowers with loans of up to Rs. 10 lakh for houses costing less than Rs.s. 20 lakh further from March 31 when it expires.
  • It want the government to increase the tax break for customers paying interest on home loans from the current Rs. 1,50,000.
There is a wish list by corporates. How much will they be fulfilled and how will the budget affect the stock market and what big indices are expecting form the budget , will be seen after the announcement of this most awaiting  union budget.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Impact Of Rail Budget On Stock Market

"Railway Stocks Derailed"
Our union Rail Minister somehow tried to make common man happy by providing few benefits but Rail Budget was not up to the stock market's expectations. Stock Marketers were totally disappointed  as there was nothing good for them in Mamata's bag.
Rail budget  totally unimpressed NSE BSE traders. It failed to push NSE BSE stocks  to float in a positive manner. 
The statistics of stock market shows the whole story itself:-
  • The BSE (SENSEX), fell over 30 points to 16,255 points at the end of the day.
  • The NSE (Nifty) closed over 11 points down at 4858 points at the end of the day.
Not only general stocks, all railway stocks also got derailed after the announcement of budget. In the morning, the stocks were down in 1-4% range.
Take a look of Railway stocks:-
  • Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) was quoting at Rs 126, down Rs 9, or 6.67%.
  • Titagarh Wagons was quoting at Rs 362.90, down Rs 18.75, or 4.91%.  
  • BEML was quoting at Rs 621, down Rs 12.90, or 2.04%.  
  • Kernex Microsystems (India) was quoting at Rs 97.45, down Rs 2.10, or 2.11% . 
  • Texmaco was quoting at Rs 39.60, down Rs 1.15, or 2.82%.
It is expected that railway dependent stocks could move up if they find anything positive in the upcoming and most awaited union budget. So Hope for the BEST!!!

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    Top NSE-BSE Stock Pics For Today On Rail Budget 2011

    "Bhartiya Rail"
    Our Union Railway Minister Mamta Banergee is going to present Rail Budget 2011, today at 12:00 IST. It is expected from her that this budget will be fruitful for all and will help badly plunged Indian benchmarks: NSE-BSE.
    Keeping in mind the assembly elections going to held in next two months in West Bengal, this budget will be a communal budget. In this Budget she has to fulfill the promises that she made during the previous Rail Budget.

    Fortune of Top NSE-BSE Stocks are linked to this Budget.There are some stocks to be focused on coming Rail Budget.

    Top 10 Stock Picks on Rail Budget are:
    1. Stone India Ltd.
    2. BEML Ltd.
    3. Titagarh Wagons Ltd.
    4. Hind Rectifiers Ltd.
    5. Kernex Microsystems (India) Ltd.
    6. Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd.
    7. Texmaco Ltd.
    8. Bhushan Steel Ltd.
    9. JSW Steel Ltd.
    10. Zicom Electronics Security Systems Ltd.

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Stock Market Crashed Due To Rise In Oil Prices

    "Cruide Oil"
    Again the stock market plunged badly and this time reason was unrest in Libya. In Indian Stock Market Sensex tumbled by 500 points and Nifty tumbled by 170 points. Other major benchmarks also crashed.Both Indian Equity benchmarks Sensex and nifty dropped badly today with the end of the market.The main culprit of this crash was increased prices of Cruide oil. This is a cruical time for Indian stock market before the coming Budget 2011. Inflation rate has also been increased in comparison to the last few days. All the world markets are facing the same situation.Rise in oil prices has affected all the stock markets in the world.

    Great News For Indian Stock Market

    According to a report, India will be the largest economy in the world by 2050. This report says that Indian economy will likely to lead the world by surpassing China and US. That is really a Great news for Indian stock market and for all Indians.
    This is possible because of its continuous robust growth. These days GDP growth has been increased due to investment in infrastructure.
    It is mentioned in the report presented by Citi ,"China should overtake the US to become the largest economy in the world by 2020, then be overtaken by India by 2050.
    Indian economy is expected to be nearly $ 85.97 trillion on purchasing power parity (PPP) basis by 2050 from $ 3.92 trillion in 2010.  
    According to the World Bank, , in 2009, Indian economy -- valued at $ 3.78 trillion -- was at the fourth place in terms of PPP. The country was behind the US, China and Japan only.
    The report said India's population of working age is expected to grow by 40.7 per cent between 2010 and 2050.
    The report added ,India has successfully raised its aggregate savings rate to levels that would allow sustained high levels of domestic capital formation. 

    This is a wonderful news for all Indians as well as for people related to stock market. India is a growing economy and soon it will be the largest economy in the world. That time India will rule the world. So a great news for all of us. Isn't it?

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    How To Make Money In The Stock Market

    Every sector needs hard work for success making money in the stock market also requires work. It is a area which needs many questions to ask and study from variety of  sources.
    The first step in knowing how to make money in the stock market is knowing how not to lose it all.Go for small gains on daily basis  and weekly basis , do not expect much from stock market.
    How to make money in the stock market is the question most investors are constantly asking their brokers. 
    Everyone wants for higher from their investments . They want quick and profitable response from trading in short term or long term. 
    Here are some tips for buying stocks to make money in the stock market:
    • Look for companies that have been undervalued by those who do the ratings. Buying shares at low prices in such companies will give you profits later on.
    • Bad news on the stock market will drive down the prices. Watch the news to help you decide when to invest.
    • Look for companies who have consistently good earnings on their quarterly reports.
    • Read the financial news and watch the stock market reports on television.
    • Buy stock in companies where you understand what their business is.
    Here are some tips for selling stocks to make money in the stock market :
    • Consider selling if the price starts to drop, but the price per share is still higher than what you paid for it.
    • Consider selling if the price stays stagnant for months at a time.
    • Look at the competition. If they seem to have stronger earnings, you may consider selling your current stock and purchasing shares in another company.
    • Look at the kinds of products the company has. If it depends on only one product, you may consider selling as it doesn't seem that the company has any interest in diversifying.

    Making profit and money needs a lot of research and investment of stock market. one must know his amount of investment and then expect the profit as return.Have good conversation with your broker. 
    One should invest money in the stock market with the hope of great gain.Stock market not only provides huge gain but also you can lose money from it, so one must follow some rules and tactics  for trading in stock market in a way of making money, whether he is trading intraday or equity or commodity.

      Monday, February 21, 2011

      Hot Stock Pics Of The Week For Feb'11

      Stock market is highly volatile and it is said, it will be the same for the coming time also.Volatility will continue to dominate Stock market .
      In spite of all losses and fluctuations in the market there are some stocks which are performing well and it is expected that some of the stocks will perform good in the stock market in this coming week.

      Here are the Top 6 Stock Pics of the week starting from 21st Feb'11:-

      1. Insecticide (India) Ltd.
      2. SBI
      3. BHEL
      4. India Infoline
      5. Power Finance
      6. Shiping Corporation

      Saturday, February 19, 2011

      Stock Market : World Cup Begins

      A big question for today -Will the stock market again keep the pace and get some profit for traders?
      It is a crucial situation for stock market. Budget 2011 is about to come and with the announcement it filled fear in traders. Nobody can exactly predict about the impact of coming Budget on stock market.
      It is quite difficult to make any prior assumption specially in the case of this most "unpredictable" place  that is stock market. Trading and making profit from stock market has become a big task for traders .
      After a shaky start it somehow recovered , as stock rally sustained but with all volatility which took place throughout the day it again closed in red.
      The ICC World Cup 2011 is going to start today where India is taking Bangladesh for the first match. It is expected that world cup will fill some cheer to stock market also. We can hope the world cup could put some enthusiasm to stock market  and it allows traders to make huge profit. Both cricket and stock trading produces unexpected result. Anything, good or bad can happen in the end of the day. They both share many similarities.
      So it can be said that a world cup for stock market has also begin and it is expected it will make wonders in positive manners. 

      Friday, February 18, 2011

      Quick Summary of Stock Market For Today 18th Feb'11

      After a positive start stock market again closed in red. Both NSE (nifty) and BSE (sensex) started good in the morning as all the big indices were progressing high.
      in the beginning of the day market was going up but the volatility in the afternoon led the market to loss.

      Here is a quick summary of today's stock maket:

      Top Gainers (BSE):
      • Hindustan Copper
      • Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
      • Tata Chemicals
      • Shree Cement
      • Godrej Consumer Prod.

      Top Losers (BSE):
      • Jain Irrigation 
      • Reliance Capital 
      • Unitech Ltd.
      • Reliance Commu.Ltd.
      • Dish TV India Ltd. 

      Top Gainers (NSE)
      • Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
      • Jindal Steel & Power 
      • Dr. Reddy's Labs 
      • Bharat Heavy Electricals
      • Cipla  

      Top Losers (NSE):
      • Reliance Capital 
      • Reliance Communications Ltd 
      • Reliance Infrastructure
      • Reliance Power Ltd.
      • Jaiprakash Associates

      Indian Rupee Touched High on 18th Feb'11

      Many thanks to some well performing indices which helps stock market to recover from lossy days. The nifty goes up and it is looking in sustainable position.
      And as stock rally sustains Rupee hits one-month high.
      In the morning, the partially convertible Indian currency was at 45.1850 per dollar, its highest since Jan. 14 and 0.3% stronger than its close of 45.34/35 on Thursday.
       The rupee touched its best level in more than a month in early trades on Friday as the stock market extended its recent winning sequence to a sixth successive day. All is going good today and it is expected , stock market will also move in the same way to make profit.

      In the global currency markets, the dollar and the yen headed for weekly declines against major counterparts.
      The yen traded within 0.5% of a six-month low against the pound.
      The dollar was close to a one-week low.
      Australia’s amid growing global risk tolerance.
      South Korea’s won is headed for its biggest weekly gain this year on speculation that the central bank will boost interest rates next month to curb inflation.

      Thursday, February 17, 2011

      Stock Market Trend For Today 17th Feb'11

      "Stock Market Trend"
      Stock Market will be quiet consolidating before Budget. It is advised to play safe in the stock market. Here we have some marketing strategies on which traders must make their trading strategies for today.
      Stock Market to open flat to positive, Nifty has to move above 5515.The short term trend is up. Today’s market is in a process of consolidation. The Intermediate trend remains down, with the Nifty trading below its 200 days and 50 days moving average.Today's market trend is to be decided safely as market is showing integration.

      Today's stock trend may be as if Nifty shows strength above 5500 level, then rally to 5540/5625 levels may be seen. If Nifty does not show strength above 5480 levels then selling till 5450/5400/5350may also be seen.

      After that big pull-back that we had recently, the Indian market seems to have hit the consolidation path . We are in a trading range for a few days leading up to the Budget. Decisive moves are expected next week due to the F&O expiry and the Union Budget. Also, the latest GDP figures will be out next week. We expect another soft start and perhaps another day of intraday churning within a tight trading band.

      Although the stock market has recovered smartly after a three-week low, the situation is still doubtful whether it will continue the rally. The current consolidation may continue for a few days before the move towards 5690. What happens after that is quite undersood. So, be careful and trade cautiously even as the trend remains positive for now.

      It is said rightly for stock market," Expect the Unexpected".

      Wednesday, February 16, 2011

      Stock Market : Extending Profit on 16th Feb'11

      "Stock Market"
      Stock Market is extending profit after a shaky start of morning. The market slipped into the red after initial small gains.Stock Market fluctuated in the morning but it soon regained positive zone.The large cap indices edged lower amid about of volatility in mid-morning trade.
      The market struck a fresh intraday high in afternoon trade. The market swung between gains and losses in choppy mid-morning trade. 
      The key benchmark extended gains to strike fresh intraday highs in afternoon trade after Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said the economy is in good shape. 
      The Sensex moved between the positive and negative region in morning trade. 
      The BSE 30-share Sensex was up 47.26 points or 0.26%, up 104.94 points from the day's low and off 37.78 points from the day's high. 
      The BSE Mid-Cap and Small-Cap indices outperformed the Sense.
      Performance of big indices :
      • Index heavyweights Reliance Industries (RIL) edged higher. 
      • Banking stocks were mixed.
      • Metal stocks were in demand on fresh buying.
      • Larsen & Toubro pared initial gains.
      • Steel giant Tata Steel surged 3% on strong Q3 results.
      • FMCG and capital goods stocks rose. 
      • Telecom stocks were mixed. 
      • Sugar stocks fell. 

      Tuesday, February 15, 2011

      Closing Bell: Stock Market For Today

      "Stock Market"
      Finally stock market recovered after showing high volatility throughout the day. Nifty closes higher for third consecutive session.Indian equity benchmarks maintained its uptrend for third consecutive session amid a choppy trade - the Nifty touched the 5500-mark for the first time in last seven sessions in an intraday trade, supported by oil & gas, financial, telecom, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, cement and power companies' shares.
      The 30-share BSE Sensex went up 71.60 points or 0.39%, to end at 18,273.80. It provided some relief for traders. 

      Here is a quick summary of stock market for 15th Feb'11:

      Top Gainers (NSE):
      • Reliance Capital
      • Reliance Communication Ltd.
      • Kotak Mahindra Bank
      • Punjab National Bank
      • Reliance Power Ltd.

      Top Losers (NSE):
      • Jaiprakash Associates
      • Hindalco Industries
      • DLF Ltd.
      • BHEL
      • L & T 

      Top Gainers (BSE)
      • Hindustan Copper
      • Jai Corp Ltd.
      • Reliance Capital
      • Pantaloon Retail
      • LIC Housing Finance

      Top Losers (BSE):
      • Jubilant Life Science
      • Indian Hotels Corp.
      • Sun TV Network Ltd.
      • Unitech Ltd.
      • Shree Renuka Sugars

      Top 10 "Hot Stocks" For Today 15th Feb

      "HOT STOCKS"
      Here are the Hot Stock Pics for Today: 

      1. HUL- puts lever house in Mumbai on block again, eyes Rs 500 crore. Consumer products major Hindustan Unilever has actively sounded off buyers for its previous headquarters Lever House in south Mumbai after earlier opting to lease the over 50-year old prime property.The stock was at Rs 274.55, up 0.51 per cent on the NSE. It touched a high of Rs 276.20 and low of Rs 273 in trade so far. That is the reason why HUL is in news today
      2. Jaiprakash Power Venture-Again the big stock pick for today is Jaiprakash Power Venture.Jaiprakash Power Venture (JPVL) will merge two of its subsidiaries, Bina Power Supply Company and Jaypee Karcham Hydro Corp, with itself.
      3. BHEL-State-owned BHEL on Monday said it has bagged an USD 436 million (approximately Rs 20 billion) contract for setting up a gas-based power project in Yemen.That deal makes it hot stock for today.
      4. Sun TV-Sun TV which is the Owner of  Aircel , deal under lens as investigators are examining the transaction of Rs 830 crore pumped in Sun Direct TV. It pumped Sun TV's stocks.
      5. SAIL, ONGC - stake sale may be further delayed on account of adverse market conditions.The government aims to raise Rs.40,000 crore in the fiscal ending 31 March by selling its shares in state-owned firms to the public, with the SAIL and ONGC offers expected to garner Rs.18,000 crore.
      6. RPG Group-ties up USD 900 million debt to acquire world’s second largest player Evonik’s carbon black business. That makes its stock in news today.
      7. Sterling Holiday- resorts plans to raise Rs 120 crore through QIP or FCCB or a mix of both in the next 18 months
      8. Nestle India- Nestle India planning for investment makes it hot stock for today . It is is ramping up production facilities to invest Rs 900 cr over the next few months may also hike prices to beat inflation.
      9. Hero Motors-Auto components manufacturer Hero Motors on Monday said it had sold a stake of 17.6% in Munjal Kiriu Industries, a joint venture with Japan`s Kiriu Corporation.
      10. Accel Frontline-Chennai-based Accel Frontline, an end-to-end IT services provider, has entered into a pact with Swedish firm Inswedco AB to offer on-site and off-shore technology professional services to the Scandinavian market.

      Monday, February 14, 2011

      Inflation Report for Feb'11

      Government estimated 8.6% economic growth but inflation worries. The government confirmed  economic growth of 8.6% for  the current fiscal year ending in march, compared to 8% increase in the previous fiscal year. The higher growth also comes with a sharp rise in current account deficit and a rise in inflation to above 8%. 

      Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said despite the challenges on trade balance and inflation “8.6% economic growth is quiet encouraging."

      India’s economy is running close to overheating and future economic growth is likely to be decreased unless the government shows its ability to improve food supplies and control inflation. 
      Stock market is also in  pressure because the situation is really depressing. All sectors of stock market: equity market, futures market, intraday trading and commodity market showing the high level of volatility.

      India food inflation declines to 13.07% on Feb 10, 2011:-
      As for food inflation, it has remained high during the course of January before declining to a seven-week low of 13.07% towards the end of the month as prices of potatoes and pulses eased.Food inflation, which snapped the three-week rising trend, fell by nearly 4 percentage points from 17.05 per cent in the week ended January 22. It was 22.08 per cent a year-go.  

      India's headline annual rate of inflation, based on the monthly Wholesale Price Index (WPI), declined slightly to 8.23 per cent for January this year as compared to 8.43 per cent for December and 8.53 per cent in the  month of November last year.
      The statement said the official WPI for all Commodities (base: 2004-05=100) for January 2011 rose by 1.2 per cent to 145.9 from 144.1 for the previous month.
      Data from  Government on February 10 had shown that the food inflation rate had eased to 13.07 per cent for the week ended January 29 from 17.05 per cent in the previous week, thanks mainly to lower prices for onions and vegetables.


      Saturday, February 12, 2011

      How To Trade In Commodity Market For Making Profit

      "Commodity Market"
      It is interesting sometimes to watch new stock traders trying to make a profit from trading without applying good trading strategy. Trying to trade the stock market without proper knowledge is one sure way to lose hard-earned money. This becomes more dangerous if the trader is trading in commodity market as this market is considered to be the most volatile market.
      The fundamental fact about commodities that all traders must understand is  "incredible volatility".
      The fluctuation per day averages about 1 %. Multiplied by a leverage factor of 20, the trader can anticipate at least a 20% profit or loss per day.
      But anyone who actively trades gold, diamonds, or antiques is probably a good candidate for commodities.
      There are numerous commodity trading strategies available :-

      1. Movements during the is full of emotions. If you are in loss, you have to adopt a very unemotional attitude toward the loss.
      2.should not call your broker all day.  Have the confident sentiment in the market. The average trader must increase the time horizon for holding a contract  before getting the chance to make a profit.  

      3. Should not try to doubling up after a gain or loss. When you do this just a small loss will wipe you out. 

      4. Looking for bargains is a mistake in the commodities market. When prices drop, don't buy. It is better to short when things start to look cheap. 

      Commodity markets and the commodity futures market are tightly regulated market places that trade everything from corn to gold.
      The versatility of the commodity market creates innovation and growth, as well as volatility, risk and heavy regulation.

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Stock Trading Strategy for Today

      "Bearish vs Bullish"
       Yesterday, trading took place between high volatility hence it closed in red. There was selling pressure observed in Technology and Reality sectors while Auto and Power sectors witnessed moderate buying in stock market.
        The Nifty closed at 5,225 down 28 points after making an intra-day high of 5,272 and The Sensex extended further losses due to aggressive selling force seen across board it was at 17,463 down 129 points after making an intra-day high of 17,603 in the stock market. 
        The direction of  stock market for the day is not supportive at all. Pressure is all around in the market. Investors are worried and it is expected they will continue to sell part of their holdings with every fall , aggressively
        The interpretation of the movement of stock market by disheartened investors went in vain as the trouble of stock market remained the same.

        A dip in food inflation to a 7-week low of 13.07% for the week ended January 29, failed to bring any cheer. Rough calculations show that stock market wealth has crashed by over Rs11,000bn  since the beginning of this calendar year.

        But today is another day and we expect some positive results from stock market.The NSE Nifty is expected to open in a constricted range and trade with caution ahead of the IIP data. 
        We may see a sideways movement between the first Support 5202 and Critical level 5282 till the IIP reading is out. Any negative surprise in the same may force Nifty to break 5202 and move towards the Major Short-term Support at 5162. If
      this  level  holds,  we  may  see  some  recovery  in  the  market and that would surely be the sigh of relief. 

      Thursday, February 10, 2011

      5 Steps to Trade Intraday & Make PROFIT

      Intraday Trading is considered one of the best way in which to trade stocks and make profits. Day trading or Intraday trading is a process in which you take a position in the market and try to maintain the position at the end of the day. All your stocks are transacted during the day and there is no stock to carry forward for next day. A day trader trades several times a day.By the end of the day he should be able to close out all the positions of his stocks.
      Day trading could be exciting. it is for traders who take risks by applying analysis. 
      Learning the most basic Intraday tips is a difficult task but there are some basic rules and guidelines which if followedit becomes easier to understand how the stock market works.

      In Intraday trading one has to be very fast and quick and have to be very attentive, so following are certain rules which one has to keep in mind to trade intraday:
      1. While trading intraday one  must be attentive about the world market because it affects Indian market too.
      2. Stop loss is a must while trading intraday. 
      3. Always trade in very liquid stocks i.e. which have very high volume because as entry and exit can be very fast in such stocks.
      4. Keep your volume constant in trading intraday.
      5. On previous day if index is in positive  and the share you are holding is in negative then it should be cut and if  index is in buy for intraday then one should buy a stock in which is in positive.         

      Following above 5 steps will surely lead traders to make huge profit in day trading. 
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