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Intraday Trading Tips

How To Get Success In Trading Intraday
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"Intraday Trading"
 Lot of passion, heavy knowledge & strict discipline is required for Intraday trading.Intraday is known to be a quick trading methodology so one has to be very quick and decisive to make profit and money. Trade intraday safely as it can lead to heavy loss.
Intraday trading is generally defined as a trading style when a trader conducts trades within  a day , opening and closing out positions during market hours. An intraday trader must close his trade in a market day irrespective of whether he makes profit.

Below we have some strategies of Intraday Trading for making profit:
  1. No worry about past news and don't be too greedy.
  2. Manage profit efficiently.
  3. Always keep stop losses.
  4. Work with high price fluctuations.
  5. Trade in liquid markets.
  6. Always be in discipline during trade.
  7. Trade actively with constant attention.
  8. Always trade with support and resistance.
  9. Avoid trading when some important economic news happen.
  10. Always keep a positive attitude during trade. 
Intraday Trading needs lots of attention and patience so it is suggested be calm and quick during day trading and make huge profit.

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