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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Futures & Options Tips For Today 31 May

F&O Calls For Today, Intraday Stock NSE BSE Tips, Nifty Outlook-Trend,Range, Bank Nifty Support-Resistance Levels, Trading Strategies,Nifty Futures Range, Best Stock to Buy Sell Today Thursday 31 May 2012:-
1> HUL (Futures): Buy above-423 stop loss-419 target-431 lot size-1000.
2> TTK Prestige (Futures): Sell below-2,865 stop loss-2,880 target-2,830 lot size-125.
3> TCS (May Futures): Buy around-1,230 target-1,262 stop loss-1,208.
4> Tata Steel (May Futures): Sell below 404-405 targets 396-389 stop loss-411.
5> Jindal SAW (May Futures): Sell around-125 target-118 stop loss-128.

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