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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MCX Commodity Tips Trend Levels Today 6 September

MCX Bullion Tips|Commodity Market Updates: 
The Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), COMDEXstarted on a positive note after a fall of 0.56% on yesterday's trade. It is currently trading higher by 10.95 points at 3,597.76 in the morning trading session after opening at 3,593.40. MCX METAL was trading upward by 4.39 points at 5,127.34 after opening at 5,126.58. MCX AGRIis trading up 21.97 points at 2,942.56 after opening at 2,948.77.

GOLD (October): Buy on Dips Trend- Bullish
Res2 -29100 Res1-28850 Sup1- 28160 Sup2-27900

SILVER (December): Buy on Dips Trend- Bullish
Res2-68400 Res1-67800 Sup1-65400 Sup2- 64250

CRUDE OIL (September): Buy on Dips Trend -Consolidate 
Res2 -3980 Res1-3910 Sup1- 3805 Sup2-3750

NATURAL GAS (September): Buy on Dips Trend -Consolidate
Res2 -191 Res1-185 Sup1-172 Sup2- 168

COPPER (November): Sell on Higher Levels Trend-Consolidate
Res2 -423 Res1-418 Sup1-409 Sup2-404

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